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Property Inspection Perth

With termite activity on the increase, it is important to arrange a property inspection (Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection) prior to purchase.

Modern homes are especially vulnerable as termites usually have easy access to the cavity walls, allowing them direct entry to the roof (which is usually constructed from soft timber). And as such, modern homes can be ravaged by termites in a matter of months if left undetected!

We offer a comprehensive Termite Inspection designed to: identify current termite activity, historic damage, and conducive conditions, which contribute to the risk of the home suffering from termite attack in the future.

All property inspections conform to Australian Standard 4349.3 and are carried out by an experienced and licensed pest inspector.

I need to organise a Property Inspection. What shall I do?

When you engage the services of Bugs Life Pest Solutions, property inspections are easy! Simply complete the inspection request form and we’ll take care of everything for you! From liaising with the agent┬áto forwarding the copy of your report to your settlement agent. Simple! When you book your property inspection with us, you won’t have any hassles. Plus, we guarantee to deliver your report within 24 hours.

So go ahead… complete the inspection request form and we’ll do the rest!

Alternatively, call us direct on 1300 284 754 or 0404 378 121.

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Property Inspections, Perth WA

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