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With a wide range of pest control companies on the market, why choose Bugs Life Pest Solutions…?

Expert Advice

Here, at Bugs Life Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering you expert advice, and a professional service using the very best products the industry has to offer. We have researched and experimented with virtually every pesticide available in Australia in order to bring you the most effective and safest treatments possible. We understand the safety of your family is your number one concern. By using a careful combination of products, it is possible to achieve the right balance between an effective treatment that gets rid of your pests, and one that is safe for you and your family. We are committed to keeping that balance right for you.

Value for Money

We know you work hard for your money, and that you would like to keep as much of it as you can! That’s why we are committed to finding the most cost-effective way to treat your home. There are many pesticides that work well but are very expensive. Other products are cheap, but they just don’t deliver the results you are looking for! Here, at Bugs Life Pest Solutions, we understand each individual pest and have carefully researched the most cost-effective way to manage each and every one of them. That means you get the very best results achievable, and at the lowest cost possible. Now you’ve got to be happy with that!

Effective Products

Many products on the market are not effective at getting rid of the pests they are designed to kill! Some pesticides are very effective, but they are dangerous and should be avoided! Others are fairly harmless, but just don’t pack the punch required to do the job. Each pest has its own breeding patterns and habits and should be treated differently for maximum effect. Here, at Bugs Life Pest Solutions, we have carried out research in order to establish the very best product for the control of each individual pest. Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs, guaranteed to get results fast!

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Paul Truscott, Pest Control Perth, WA

Paul Truscott


About Bugs Life Pest Solutions…


“I hope you have enjoyed learning about Bugs Life Pest Solutions and how we can help you. If you share ‘our values’, I’m certain we’ll have a great relationship. After all, it’s our primary goal to make sure you are happy with every aspect of our service!

Choosing your pest control company is an important decision; you don’t want to be throwing away your hard earned cash on a treatment that just doesn’t work! And worse still… the company wriggles out of their warranty!

Now… I absolutely guarantee, we will NEVER wriggle out of our warranty!

So if you like what you hear, we’d love to welcome you to the ‘Bugs Life Family’. You can rest assured we value each and every one of our customers. Plus, we offer solutions that actually work and for a price that won’t break the bank!”

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